Backup is vital in the digital age, even more for critical files like the data analysis for the work. I recently changed my work setup from a Mac under OSX to a tiny and very nice ThinkCentre M under Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The installation and setup my data-science toolbox was straingforward (APT is my friend).


But I struggled to find a equivalent of Appleā€™s Time Machine to do local incremental backup. First, I tried Back in Time until I realised it produced snapshots instead of incremental backup. After further research, I discovered that Ubuntu has already a (semi-)built-in solution. I say semi-built-in because for an unknown reason, the front-end (Backup application) is available but not the terminal application (duplicity).

To use it :

  1. Install duplicity sudo apt-get install duplicity
  2. Launch Backup application
  3. Select a storage location (e.g. an external HDD)
  4. Turn on the automatic backup

For the moment it seems to works. Next step: find how to choose various target, including a remote one, to complete the 3-2-1 backup strategy.