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R-bloggers is a very popular aggregator of blogs about R. I’m very pleased to announce this blog to be on also in R-bloggers!

Thanks to Tal Galili to have created and maintaining actively this website.

Why on R-bloggers?

I’m a daily reader of R-bloggers since years. This is one of the main source to update my knowledge about R. Putting this blog on R-blogger gives me extra-viewer, far more comments than before and then it’s very stimulating.

Furthermore, it pushes me to improve both the content of my posts and the quality of my English!

How do I send my posts to R-bloggers?

This blog use Jekyll. Then when I decide a post is good enough and reach the R-blogger criteria, I add it to a dedicated category “r-bloggers”. Below, an example of the header of a post I send:

layout: post
title:  the "Ten simple rules for reproducible computational research" are easy to reach for r users
    - r 
    - reproductible research
    - r-bloggers

This adds the post to a dedicated RSS feed for R-bloggers.

To create this RSS feed, configure an RSS feed file (feed_r-bloggers.xml) that filter only on the posts with the r-bloggers categories.

{% if post.categories contains "r-bloggers"%}

Then, expose this RSS feed to your header (in _include/head.html)

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Joris Muller's blog - r-bloggers" href="http://blog.jom.link/feed_r-bloggers.xml" />