After a fresh install of Arch Linux on my Macbook Air 6.1, I’m not satisfied of the way the thouchpad behave.

The first think I have done was to install the synaptic driver. But I have some issues with it :

  • When I use the mechanical clic, the curser move to the area I clicked. In MacOS X, when I does it, the cursor movement seems to be disabled. This is what I Excpect.
  • Only scroll down and up gesture seems to work (with two finger).


  • Write down the specifications
  • Gather a maximum of information about this device on
    • Arch Wiki
    • Arch Forum
    • General web research
    • Device name
  • Implement


Globally, the goal is to have a touchpad working as in OS X.

  • Click on tap
  • No cursor moving when using the mechanical click
  • Two finger to scroll down and up “naturally”
  • Three fingers to move objects (windows), or make selections.
  • If possible, four fingers to have something close to Mission Control.

Search results

Arch Forum

xf86-input-cmt-xorg seem’s to be a better driver than synaptic. This driver is a X11 ChromiumOS touchpad driver ported to Linux according to the description in GitHub.

One post ask exactly the same questions, if there is a way to have the same touchpad behavior in Arch than in OS X.