The Antidote spell checker is from my point of view the best. But there is no integration to VIM.

Then, I found a way – a least on Mac – to call Antidote from Vim. Simply add these lines to your Vim (or NeoVim) config file:

function CallAntidote9()
  call system("open -a /Applications/Antidote\\ ".bufname("%"))
nmap <silent> <C-B> :call CallAntidote9()<CR>

This will:

  • save your file
  • open the file with Antidote

Then, just let Antidote do the checking, save the file in Antidote. Finally, go back to Vim and reload the file with :e.

This script I still dumb, works only on mac but it’s helpful for me. I you have any suggestion to enhance it, you are welcome!