Nature published a short review of three new books about Big Data. This review reminds us that we use the term of Big Data since more than two decades but its usage increase dramatically since only five years.

First page of the article

One key idea in this article is that Big Data is possible for every aspect of our life we can digitalize in a proper way and well indexed.

The first book reviewed is “Big Data, Little Data, No Data” and focus on academic research, mostly in physical sciences. The author of the paper seems to be disappointed with this book and don’t give me the desire to read it.

The second book, “Data-ism” is more about commercial usage of big data. Key idea seems to be that data should help to make better decisions.

Last one, “Data and Goliath”, appear to be more political and social.

I’m not sure I will read one of these books because none of them are about Big Data in health, but it’s interesting to know that there is an intensive work around this term.